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The Roulette Split Bet

In roulette, a person wins if the roulette ball lands in the pocket or set of pockets that they had wagered it would land in. To keep the bets organized and keep track of how much and who has made these wagers, most casinos have roulette tables; tables that have cloth tops where the numbers on the roulette wheel and the most common types of bets in roulette are arranged and printed. Whether the kind of roulette being played is American roulette, which has a wheel with two green pockets numbered zero and double zero, or European roulette, which only has one green pocket, the numbers on the roulette table are always arranged in a particular way.

The green pocket or pockets are almost always at the top, and the remaining thirty-six black and red pockets are arranged numerically, into three columns of twelve. There are a lot of different types of roulette wagers to try, and these different kinds of bets can be separated into inside bets -or bets placed on single numbers or small groups of numbers arranged close to each other on the roulette table- and outside bets, or bets placed on large groups of numbers or the winning pocket's color.

A Split is a good example of an inside bet. A Split bet is when a person bets on two numbers that are arranged connected or attached to one another on the roulette table. One example of a Split bet is when a person bets on the numbers twenty and seventeen, or eight and nine. The numbers in question can be connected either horizontally, or vertically; as long as these two numbers touch each other on the roulette table. In a Split, the croupier -which is what most casino employees are also often called- places the player's chips on top of the line between the two numbers that the gambler has bet on, on the roulette table.

As an inside bet, a Split's odds against winning are fairly high, compared to an average outside bet. In fact, the chances of winning with a Split bet are eighteen to one. The good thing about bets that have more challenging odds is that they generally have better payouts, when a person actually does win. A Split's payout is seventeen dollars to every dollar that they have wagered. This means that if they should win, they will get seventeen times the amount that they had originally wagered.


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