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The Unique Chips Used in Roulette

It is fairly customary that chips are used in casinos when betting on casino games. One can rarely see casino games being played with real money. It is a standard procedure for players to exchange their cash with chips in order to participate playing on casino games.

Among the various casino games, roulette has an extraordinary chips being used for playing the game. Most chips used in some casino games typically have values printed on them. Each chip has printed denomination on it to indicate the value of each chip.

However, roulette chips are quite different. As a standard rule in roulette, there are about eight kinds of colored chips set being used in roulette. Each colored set has about 300 chips on it and each player is assigned by colored chips when placing their bet.

The roulette player needs to purchase the chips from the croupier by indicating the amount of chips they like to buy. The croupier will then split up their assigned colored chips according to the value of their purchase.

A player who makes a buy in of $300 will receive 300 chips with each chip costing a dollar each. It is noted that the roulette chips can be purchased only by stack of 20s hence when the player purchases $80 of chips they will receive 4 stacks of 20 chips.

It is the croupier responsible for exchanging the cash of the players into chips and cashing out their chips after the end of the game. It is important for roulette players to keep in mind that the roulette chips have no value when used to play in other casino table games.

It is thus important to sell or cash out their roulette chips from the croupier before leaving the roulette table. Roulette chips are unique in the sense that it can never be played on other casino games and cannot be used to play roulette game from other casinos. Each casino has their own roulette chips that are exclusively used only by their establishment on their roulette games.

Because of this unique feature of roulette chips, it became a hot collector item among casino players. Many casino players enjoy bartering, selling and trading their own roulette chips to other players who are collecting the same in order to have different types of roulette chips collection.

Many gamblers were able to collect roulette chips from famous casinos that closed down already making their roulette chips a rare collector's item. Roulette chips are significant souvenir items that make it one of the most unique and extraordinary casino chips there is.


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