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Roulette: Trivia on the Devil's Game

Roulette is called the devil's game - but do you know why? Trivia on this game is as vast and as varied as any other topic. The game itself is pure chance. Short of rigging the wheel itself, there are no tactics or strategies, as in other games like poker and its many variations. It feeds on the vegas dream, the chance to win big out of nothing.

Blaise Pascal, child genius after whom a programming language is named, devised the first form of roulette in seventeenth century France. He was reportedly following on his interest with perpetual motion, or motion that creates more energy than it needs. Later on, the roulette wheel was improved, putting the odds further in the house's favor by adding the zero. Even later on, the double zero was added to supplement the house. Roulette once went by the name "King of Casino Games", but that title is now up for debate.

Francois Blanc was reported to have made a deal with the devil to discover the secrets of the roulette table. In addition to that, the name "devil's game" also rooted itself in the numbers of the table. If one were to add up all the numbers, they would sum up to 666, the devil's number.

The nature of the game, being completely based on luck rather than any appreciable measure of skill, has lead to some amazing wins throughout its history. Recently, in 2004, a Mr. Ashley Revell, born 1972, essentially made the bet of his lifetime. Everything he owned was sold, down to the clothes that he wasn't wearing, and went and gambled approximately $135,000 on a single spin on the roulette wheel. In Las Vegas, Nevada, he made history by betting everything on red, double or nothing - and winning.

Another infamous winner was "The Man That Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo", Charles Wells. He broke the bank at every roulette table he played in, which essentially meant that he won all the money set for that table. He was later on reported to have given the credit for his success to an unnatural streak of luck.

One of the more famous quotes with regards to poker came from Albert Einstein, reported discoverer of the theory of relativity. He states that "You cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal money from it." On another mathematical note, row five is apparently the worst row to bet on - although this may no longer be true, as more modern casinos regularly monitor their roulette wheels to maintain balance and randomness.

Movies and media are not exempt from roulette. Along with the large number of online roulette games, movies such as Casablanca and its infamous scene with Humphrey Bogart using a fixed wheel to aid a destitute refugee have cemented roulette's place in history. Trivia on the game is vast and full of depth. The next time that wheel spins for you, know that a part of history is spinning with you. And who knows? You may be the next person that lady luck smiles upon.


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